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Geovany da Silveira was born 1965 in Brazil where he started his music career as a guitarrist. Soon he switched over to the E-Bass and took lessons with various bass teachers. Thereafter, he began playing with several bands of different music styles. In as much as he always had great interest in discovering all the variety of instruments, he quickly advanced as a musician as well as a technician.

In 1991 he decided to move to Germany in order to increase his knowledge. Since then he has been playing with some of the most famous Latin bands of Germany. He improved his bass studies and also learned to play cavaquinho, percussion, drums and piano in order to be able to understand profundly language and function of the instruments.
Right now, he not only plays the most varied musical styles with great many bands, but also acts as a music producer. Furthermore, he holds workshops on bass and cavaquinho with self-created didactic methods.